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When we decided to develop a market garden and leave the corporate world we chose the name Dreamcatcher Farm after extended deliberation. From day one we were committed to join the organic alternative and adopt biological methods. We would not use petroleum based fertilizers, toxic herbicides and pesticides. We also hoped to provide a living example of a different relationship with the land inspired by legendary pioneers, Louis Bromfield, J.I. Rodale, and Paul Keene. Our scale is not at the level of Bromfield’s, Malabar Farm, or Paul Keene’s, Walnut Acres but the guiding principles are consistent with their efforts, hence Dreamcatcher Farm became a dream come true.


We are not certified organic because our market is local and direct. We encourage our CSA members to visit the farm for food and conversation. CSA members are our certifiers. The emphasis of our cultural practices is on soil health. Healthy soil gives us healthy plants which in turn give us healthy food. Healthy food is nutrient dense as opposed to calorie dense and devoid of many basic nutrients vital for a properly functioning immune system.


Our animals are treated with respect and are allowed to live expressing their full DNA potential. They live on grass, take sun baths, exercise and play and sometimes get grouchy. We purchase feed that is locally sourced.


The farm has grown into an organic whole with pasture, orchard, and vegetable plots integrated into a complimentary unity. There is an emphasis on perennials and the enhancement of the soil food web that nurtures all the life on the farm. The dream today is that someday there will be an abundance of small and properly scaled, diverse farms using eco-agricultural practices that provide quality food, a restorative landscape, and integrate a town and country symbiosis that heals our much damaged environment. Hopefully Dreamcatcher’s working model fosters that dream.

In the meantime we nurture and appreciate this place never owning it in a true sense. We are its care takers and we invite the community to share this journey with us.

Find us on Facebook at Dreamcatcher Farm in Lewisburg, PA or on Instagram at dreamcatcherfarmpa.

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