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The Plant Hardiness Zone is a measure gardeners and farmers use to determine which particular plants should be able to thrive in a specific location. The zones are measured using a place's average annual minimum winter temperature. Here in Central PA, we're in zones 6b-7a, with minimum temperatures ranging from -5 degrees Fahrenheit to 5 degrees. This means, no, you cannot grow oranges in Lewisburg.


Visit each month's page to see what seasonal goods are growing at Dreamcatcher. Eating local is a huge part of a more sustainable, low-waste lifestyle. It's important to know what food is in season where you live, because it's what your local farmers will be growing. You can be active in community supported agriculture by buying direct. 

Produce that doesn't need to be shipped long distances is more nutrient-dense, fresher, and lasts longer. Meal plan around what's available from the farmers' markets and supplement from the grocery.

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